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Ill Crop A feedback-laden tribute to all things punk, ten minutes of emotional exhaust on high. Flagrant Akimbo worship and that's okay. Favorite track: Transubstantiation.
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released July 16, 2013

Tracked by (Crackpipe) Ken Brown at Snake Mountain Studio in Pine Hill NJ.
Mixed by Jake Doerper.



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Old Major Jersey

Old Major is:
Amber Carr - Vocals
Sean "The Simmons" Simmons - Guitar
Michael Brein - Bass
Sam Arcaini - Drums

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Track Name: Cheers to Friends
Awaken early, day of a dead, he has risen indeed, but I'm going down instead. Eager hands led a body high; a heavy heart drug us down to earth. Invite me inside, too drunk to drive. Long brown hair and glassy eyes. I just hope I didn't make it worse. There's more poison in your chest than the smoke you breathe out. Funny how our closest moments will be the ones we'll never talk about. Cheers to friends.
Track Name: A Gnashing of Teeth
I rip out my teeth but they come back, spit on the ground with ichor black.i can feel jaws clamped on my chest, soon they'll be going for the throat. Perhaps I'll choke on my own lies, perhaps my cancer will metastasize. I've always been my own worst enemy, chemicals to try to kill me, I can hardly breathe. Its a gnashing of teeth. My heart's fallen into my stomach and the acid will eat it up. I'll be dead before the morning with any luck.
Track Name: Transubstantiation
They'll have you waiting to die before you can start living, have you curled up in a ball for daring try. Devalue every moment you spend breathing, wait with baited breath on the day you die. Give of your pockets for it is my body. Give of your free will for it is my blood. Transubstantiate the good book to loyal hate. Let the words from the pulpit override the saint. Swallowed blood and body, contained by orthodoxy, fulfillment in containment of your role. Belief in a boss in heaven need not mean a boss on earth. Fight to liberate your body before you liberate your soul.
Track Name: Escapism Artist
Won't you get catatonic with me? I've got a taste for the unstable that I just can't shake. We'll drown ourselves and I'll drown in you, I've got a pounding in my head I don't want to escape. I could hit the ground, run or curl up, numb. Over 21 years until i wash up on the beach. I'll let it consume me. All this water and not a drop to drink, I'll suck down the poison without a moment to think. I'm an escapism artist and every moment is a canvas. Tell you I'm living in the moment but think hard about that answer. Everyone has their sickness but mine is a cancer. Addictive personality, I'll let it consume me. In a dream all day; nothing but nightmares when I sleep. Free me. Its hard to get yourself out of a hole that you've dug this deep, so I'll be the antlion, smiling, laughing, charming, I'll drag you down with me. Share in my neuroses. Won't you get catatonic with me?
Track Name: Paper Doll
Wake to a stumbling feat, pull the plasters off of me. See the damage I had done. Opened a new mouth when I sewed shut the other one. Can you hear me, can you help me? I cant seem to break free. This addiction is here, so foreign to me. Every day i connect the dots across my skin, I don't know if I can win. Can you hear me? Can you help me? I can't feel but I can see all these things inside of me. I choke on a swallowed tongue and help will never come. Im a paper doll and i tear so easy. I'm going numb, idle hands will undo all I've become.